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Paying too much tax?

If you are unclear about how much tax you should be paying, be it corporation or personal tax, then you can contact one of our specialist advisors to help you make sure you don’t pay a penny more than you need to.

You can also download our Williams Denton app which has a whole host of information including a tax calculator which can calculate both business and personal taxes from tax payable on dividends, income tax & NI, inheritance tax to corporation tax and company car and fuel benefits.

Tax Planning:

There are benefits to tax planning for both large and small businesses and planning plays an important part in decreasing the amount of taxable income, reducing the tax rate and maximising tax relief/tax credits available.

Tax planning can be quite complicated at times as there are always new laws and changing allowances, which is why regular reviews are important.

We offer one-on-one meetings with our advisors to discuss all your available options and put together a personal and individual plan for your specific needs. As a general guide, the Williams Denton app also provides you with many tax tips and tips on tax planning.

Here are some areas that we can help you save on tax:

  • Income Tax – Our personal tax planning can confirm if you are making full use of your personal tax allowance and reliefs.
  • Corporation Tax – We can let you know when and where you can claim tax back so you can retain more profit from your business.
  • Partnership Tax – We’ll advise you where we can reduce the tax you pay for both the partnership and your personal returns – we liaise with all partners to ensure you are all aware of what is happening
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) – We can offer advice on how to reduce CGT, defer it or in some cases avoid it altogether!
  • Inheritance Tax (IHT) – We can offer solutions to reduce IHT so more of your inheritance goes to the people you care for. We can also advise on other inheritance options such as trusts too.
  • VAT – VAT bills can catch you by surprise, we’ll make sure this doesn’t happen. We will work with you to manage the VAT in your business so you can budget accordingly.
  • Inland Revenue Enquiries – At times HMRC request information or have queries about your business, we will speak to them on your behalf and let you know what they are asking for and why. If any tax adjustments are made we will use our knowledge and experience and ensure that they are justified – we will fight your corner.

Our team of qualified tax specialists and will provide you with a comprehensive service to assist you and your company make tax savings.