New Director at North Wales Accountancy Williams Denton

05 Feb 2018

Leading North Wales accountancy firm Williams Denton has a new face on its board of directors.

Having worked his way up from apprentice Adam Owens, who has been based at the company's Llandudno office for 17 years, has his eye very much on the future of accounting.

Martin Barrett of Williams Denton said: “Adam has a keen interest in technology and how it can help our clients have access to the latest, detailed financial information about their business.”

“During his time with us he has been at the forefront of ensuring Williams Denton and our clients stay ahead of the game when it comes to using technology.

Having studied at Llandudno's Ysgol John Bright, Adam is the second director, to have trained with the company’s long-running apprenticeship programme, following Bangor-based Colin Bell. Indeed, seven of the company's 36 current staff have progressed through this scheme.

Along with accounting technologies, Adam has also been involved in a number of business sales, the latest of which was a multi-million-pound deal.

He explained that accounting software helped Williams Denton have a wider insight into clients' businesses.

“When I started at Williams Denton, accountancy was much more about tax advice, returns, bookkeeping and annual business reviews,” he said. “Although those things are still important, changes in accounting software means we are freed up to do much more.

“Together with the benchmarking data we have across industries in North Wales, we often act much more as business advisers and remote financial directors than ever before and that is a genuinely exciting progression.”

Added to this, he believes the developments in accounting can only benefit North Wales businesses.

“Learning how to use accounting software, apps and technologies now available frees up entrepreneurs and company owners', helping them to spend their time working on, rather than in, their business,” he added.

Adam is one of six directors at Williams Denton, three of whom are based in Llandudno and the others at the Bangor office.